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Contact information for the Kroger corporate office

Many people have difficulty imagining a future without a supermarket. People used to shop at a separate and modest store for each division of food before supermarkets and retail stores were invented. In 1946, the first supermarket opened in the United States. Have you ever wondered where all the food went before that? Over time, circumstances have changed and evolved into the modern supermarkets we have today.

Kroger is the third-largest retailer in the world and the largest chain of freestanding supermarkets in the United States. It operates over 1,300 stores in 24 states across the country, with a focus on the Midwest, South, Southeast, and Southwest.

Please locate the contact information and corporate headquarters address listed below. You can use this information to get in touch with them right away. You can also give comments or report bad behavior to higher authorities if you have any difficulties or complaints about the stores.


Information about Kroger's headquarters

Kroger is a multibillion-dollar American retail corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Previously, the HQ's building facade was blue and white. GBBN Architects upgraded the facade material with a new aluminum coating after the building was renovated in 1980.

The extremely thoughtful Kroger skyscraper was built after World War II and became Cincinnati's first big business high-rise building. It's also one of the furthest structures from the Ohio River, nearly ten blocks north.

In the Atrium two building, the Kroger Company opened a new digital team HQ.

Concerning Kroger


In the year 1883, the Kroger Company was founded. The Great Western Tea Company, founded by Bernard H. Kroger, was one of the first chain stores in America. Bernard became the sole proprietor of the Great Western Tea Company at the age of 24. By the summer of 1885, he had opened four more grocery stores. In the year 1902, the company was renamed Kroger Grocery and Baking. Kroger came up with the concept of creating his own bakery to reduce the cost of baked items such as bread. He was able to sell them for a lower price, resulting in better profit margins. Kroger had successfully opened 5,575 stores by the year 1929. Kroger became one of the leading supermarket merchants in the United States after merging with Fred Meyer, Inc. In 2012, it was also awarded the highly coveted Black Pearl Award for food safety.


Kroger wellness offerings include health exams, vaccines, pharmaceutical treatment management, pharmacy coaching programs, and cigarette cessation, among other things.

Customers can use Kroger money services to cash checks, send money, pay bills, and manage their finances.

Kroger in-store services make your life easier by providing you with a choice of conveniences like long-distance phone cards, Coinstar, Western Union, and more.

The corporation owns 37 manufacturing operations in 17 states, including dairies, bakeries, grocery stores, and beverage plants. Read more at kroger greatpeople.

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